been a Seattle fan from age 5 – love this game…Steve Largent, Jim Zorn, Etc… Don’t care if they want to have loudest fans. Go for it. Just want to see my Hawks take a superbowl title. 


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  1. Super bowl was a great game up until the end. Pete Caroll is an IDIOT, you have 1 time out your at the 1 yard line, it is only 2nd down, you no matter what try a running play, you have 2 more downs left, you don’t HASTELY THROW A PASS IN THE MIDDLE OF END ZONE. You have a great running back and you didn’t even attempt to utilize him at the end,Carroll is an IDIOT,Like I said he would have had 2 more attempts to win the Superbowl with running plays!!! Instead they gave the Superbowl to the Cheating Patriots,the Seahawks deservred to win that game,but the quaterback and Pete Carrol were both Stupid!!!

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Carroll and Wilson being “idiots” is a little strong but like you, I was very disappointed, saddened, frustrated and just plain mad. The most horrible thing… I was watching that play in the stadium directly line of sight. After the snap, I saw Wilson step back and I dropped my head… I thought,” oh no, please don’t pass…” Then all I heard was arrogant Pats fans screaming and shouting vulgar things about my seahawks. Worst feeling ever. Not sure if the loss hurt worse or the fact it was who we lost to. The most conceited, and sense of entitled group of players and fans in the entire NFL. Anyway, time to move on and get to SB 50!
      GO HAWKS

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